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Big Dream

The big dream is to see the spread of a worship movement throughout Canada and the entire world and to be an integral part of it.

It is to witness the renewal of biblically based worship and a return to the One true God and His purposes in this nation and around the world.

Mission Statement

SANCTUS SCHOOL FOR WORSHIPPERS is a two-year post-secondary Christian college that prepares students in areas of Christian character and spiritual grounding as a preparatory step to specific vocational training.

Transfer credits will soon be available at various accredited colleges and universities in Canada and the U.S. SANCTUS graduates receive associate degrees in Worship ministries or Christian leadership that become the foundation to baccalaureate undergraduate degrees. Contact School for More Information.

Vision Statement

SANCTUS SCHOOL FOR WORSHIPPERS will be distinguished by graduates that demonstrate excellence in five foundational areas of Christian spirituality, Godly character, Academic readiness, Personal gifting and Missional living by:

  • Engaging in apprenticeship relationships with faculty mentors.
  • Being life-long balanced worshippers (whole person - heart, soul, mind, strength)
  • Exhibiting Godly character and discipline in every area of life
  • Demonstrating the ability to establish and sustain life-long healthy relationships both personally and professionally
  • Being academically prepared to excel in University, College or Vocational School
  • Recognizing and developing personal spiritual giftings and natural talents (year one)
  • Developing musical skill and exhibiting sustained growth in areas of talents and abilities (year two)
  • Developing leadership skills and exhibiting sustained growth in areas of potential (year two)
  • Becoming life-long missional Christians purposefully dedicated to globally advancing God's kingdom
  • Serving – the community, the nation and the world

Faculty Mentors - Discipleship Based Education

This is not a new model of education.  This is not a recent invention, a clever scheme or a market driven approach.  It is indeed an ancient model; a way of learning that has been virtually ruled out in the institutional age, constrained mostly by economics and secondarily by culture.

How do we learn?  Better, how do we best learn?  En masse? Ala big group and lecture hall?  Are we equipped best by being told or by being shown?

With technological advances in the field of education including online learning, it is even quite possible to even "earn your degree at home by yourself."  Is there a gap here though, and if so, what is that gap?

We all remember that one special teacher possibly from our childhood days. "She took the time for me," we say as part of a retirement party tribute speech gratefully given." I am forever changed and appreciative for the investment he made in my life." That doesn't happen by accident or online. It happens in the context of relationship.

Joshua had Moses, Mozart had J.C. Bach, Timothy had Paul, and Peter had Jesus!  Each had relationship with someone who deposited far more than knowledge by telling, rather who invested wisdom by demonstration.

And so we learn best together: Telling and listening. Showing and observing. Doing. Together.

Full-time Faculty Mentors

David and Debbie Pedde

Dave and Debbie both attended Genesis Discipleship Training School in Corvallis, Oregon as well as North Central Bible College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have been married 30 years and have five children. Dave is originally from Edmonton, Alberta and has also lived in Germany as well as in the United States. Debbie was raised in California and lived in Oregon and Minnesota as well as in Canada.

After graduating from North Central they were on staff at London Gospel Temple in London, Ontario (1985-1992), then moved to Minneapolis where Dave was a full-time faculty member at North Central University in the music department for 18 years. It was there that their love for mentoring college age students grew and the dream of a discipleship school grew steadily in their hearts. In 2010 the Peddes moved to the Toronto area where the big dream of Sanctus School for Worshippers has become a reality!

Dave has been involved as a worship leader, songwriter, teacher, record producer and worship arts pastor for 35 years and has a Masters Degree in Worship Studies. Dave likes coffee, baseball and mornings...

Debbie has been a full time Mom to Devin, Garrett, Brennan, Taylor and Alannah. She has home schooled for 20 years and likes photography, cooking, gardening, reading and anything Italy...

Guest Faculty Mentors

Jim Argue Founder and president, Genesis Fellowship Discipleship Training School View website »

Tim and Linda Buttrey True Relationships View website »

Dr. Carolyn Tennant Author, speaker, faculty person View website »

Greg Wyton Founding pastor, New Hope Community Church, London, Ontario View website »

Project.168 Curriculum

+ involves practicing the art of worship in the entirety of one's life. In that there simply is no on-again and off-again to the true worshipper's love for God or for others, it resists the strong pull towards compartmentalization and fosters the "all in" worship of God with one's heart, soul, mind and strength.

+ allows the entire Sanctus community to practice the art of the well-ordered life as each person learns to balance solitude with community, rest with labor, study with friends, and in-take with out-reach.

First and Second Year Curriculum

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Dave's Music

Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies

North Central University

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